Widgets Bar

Widgets Bar is a Safari extension that lets you see the current weather, an RSS ticker, a world clock and today's date, all in one convenient toolbar.

Version 2.1.4


Check the weather conditions in you current location or anywhere around the world. Set the temperature to either °C or °F.

RSS Ticker

Stay updated with current information from your favorite RSS feed. The RSS ticker will rotate between the newest headlines.

Current Date

See the current date, month, year and day of the week at a glance. Customize to show just the info you care about.

World Clock

Set up to 3 clocks to display the time in different places in the world. see the time in both analog and digital formats.

We make Widgets Bar in our own free time and release it for free. If you like it and find it useful, please consider supporting us!

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Designed & built with love by Yarden Refaeli and Jon Shamir in JLM.